Got an email from Twitter, telling me that “I turned 7 today”! 🙂 That means that I signed up 2007. I did sign up 2006 but that account is gone, I guess. Changed there too, like everywhere else. Some people seem to make such good use of Twitter. I just don’t know how. It takes a certain commitment, probably — it doesn’t just happen! It’s … Continue reading twitter

this wasn’t supposed to…

become a photo blog! It was meant to be a place to express thoughts and reflections, no matter how silly! 🙂 But by now, it has also made me realise how big a part photo has become in my life. I think about it a lot, how I can improve … how I can start shooting other things than ducks and squirrels LOL. I’m getting to be like the artist guy I wrote about a few posts ago; I feel I have to move on. Continue reading “this wasn’t supposed to…”

May the Fourth be With You

As I was going to bed at midnight, I heard something that sounded very much like thunder! That wasn’t entirely impossible, but the cat didn’t react at all. Took my iPad and went to bed. After a little while, all kinds of local tweets started to pop up … someone had been shooting up, really beautiful, fireworks over the city. That’s what I heard. The tweeters suggested that it had something to do with Star Wars 🙂 I wouldn’t know, as I never watched it and hence know nothing about it. I’ve heard expressions like «Beam me up, Scotty», but that’s about all. Continue reading “May the Fourth be With You”

In August

I’ll be going on a trip to my homeland — a three weeks visit. During that trip, I’ll be posting often, notes of a personal nature, from the phone or the iPad. Therefore, I wanted to make sure that the setup I have with Evernote is working flawlessly.  Wasn’t meaning to go this year, but I got one of those ads from Icelandair; «an offer … Continue reading In August

three words

While browsing, I came across this blog today: Three Words a Day. It seemed like fun, so I started to read more, and learned about Tapestry, which seemed like even more fun 🙂 The ‘story’ progresses as you tap [TAPestry … get it?! LOL] Decided to give it a go, and try out the tapestry at the same time. The words today were: undecided forecast … Continue reading three words

the circle of life

Found the first coltsfoot yesterday. A sure sign that we finally will get Spring here too! It’s still the same delight, even though I’m getting way up there, age-wise … I feel the same excitement when I see them rearing their sunny faces through the dead leaves and grass. They’re a reminder of re-birth … of life coming back with the help of the sun’s rays. Continue reading “the circle of life”